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I didn't wear ear plugs to Motley and they had 27 Marshal stacks and an assload of Nikki's amps


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Will ear plugs cut out some of the un-wanted noise and increase the sound quality?

I'm sorry, but who the hell wears earplugs to concerts? Don't you want to listen to the music? And because you do, shouldn't you be able to handle it?
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Always wear earplugs less you want an incessant ringing in your ears and eventual permanent hearing loss.

And after that, deeaaaaatttttthhhhhh!!
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I wore no earpkugs to the 2008 Prog. nation concert
opeth was there
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Yep if you want to beable to hear the way you do ten years from now.... Also depends on the length of the concert.
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Yep if you want to beable to hear the way you do ten years from now.... Also depends on the length of the concert.

well they said judas was gonna play all british steel and a bunch of other songs........ the mars volta is going to play with R.E.M
Most hearing damage is a thing that happens over time, as in listening to your ipod on full volume everyday for five years.

...I'm fucked.
yeh man I saw the mars volta last year and i can honestly say that my hearing is permanently damaged. not by a lot but i could tell. Plus you dont want to be wearing a hearing aid when your older
i never wore earplugs. then i blew out my eardrum playing football the day before a white stripes concert and had to wear them. it did cut out some noises but when you think about it your going to miss those sounds after the opening band anyways just from getting used to the volume. i'd bring em and decide there
Read this, then ask yourself again if it's worth it. I just had the scariest 48 hours of my life after a gig without earplugs and hearing the ring non stop.

without doubt tinnitus has caused me to be suicidal. I originally began to suffer with it 15 years ago. however, since this year it has kicked into overdrive and is 24/7 loud to the extent i can feel it and it is not possible to sleep properly. I have literally driven to a car park and stood at a top consideringf ending my life it has distressed me so much. I feel like this alot and i find my quality of life is very poor. I have also been going sick from work and find it hard to run a normal life now.

when I have been suicidal it has been due to Tinnitus as this has caused the depression in the first place and drastically changed my life, causing a loss of will to live. Not depression at the world....depression at my new condition, so in a way, it is a direct link to Tinnitus.

Yes I agree it's hard to see the light sometimes. I have too been close to it. Sometimes I am hopeful, but often I slip into a "my life is ruined" phase and want to end it because of the conditions I now have to live in.

I am hoping medical profession finds a cure...I can see more and more people suffering it as years go on, so maybe some sort of cure will be developed.

Short answer: Wear the damn protection.

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you shold always bring earplugs. i made the mistake by not bringing any to a G3 concert.

when john petrucci came up my ears wanted to bleed

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Also TS, if you pay attention to the people in the crowd, you'll be surprised at the amount of people wearing earplugs.

bring them then decide after a song or two, I didn't bring any to Alice Cooper and my ears were ringing all night which was horrible. I also saw Joe Satriani which was fine without them.
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I'm sorry, but who the hell wears earplugs to concerts?

At any modern metal/rock/popular concert, it is the sensible thing to do.
EDIT: My brother has bad Tinnitus, he's only 32 and is a part time teacher at the conservatorium of music in Sydney, and even if he's listening just to a solo piano he has to put earplugs in. That's a good enough motive to I think, for me at least.

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I wear earplugs for band practice. I find that I can hear the individual instruments alot better with them.

So short answer is Yes.