I'll get to the point. Im trying to download an album on iTunes and the first three tracks are downloaded, but its stuck saying processing file...

what does this mean and how do i fix it???
dont steal music

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dont steal music

iTunes is purchase, not stealing.
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dont steal music

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this happened to me, it was some operation thing. i had to call the itunes help line. they sorted it all out for me.
i only use itunes for organizing my music and to transfer it to my ipod. check out gomusic.ru you can buy albums for anywhere from 1-3 dollars, and they usually through out a special around christmas time. you buy, then you have to download it to a folder, then in itunes you go to file-->add folder/file to library then you select songs/folder and it's in itunes. haha sorry if it's confusing, but i felt like sharing a good site with everyone here
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