you know like spread the wealth--- spread the beauty----- it's unfair that some people are so beautiful and others like me are not. because you can't control this and i just wish there was some machine that could do transfer their beauty to less fortunate individuals
so everyone looks exactly the same?
no thanks jsut get surgey.
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You know you're fucked up when the pit thinks you're a sick bastard.
Well, it's a good thing we have apparel. Sure, they can't magically make you as attractive as a celebrity, but they can definitely help.
Somone`s ugly...
Nine planets surround the sun
Only one does the sun embrace
Upon this watered one
So much we take for granted

So let us sleep outside tonight
Lay down in our mother's arms
For here we can rest safely
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I'm sorry that I'm just so goddamn sexy.

I was gonna post something like this, hahaha. Well played, sir.
some chicks need to be hotter than others

unless they were all hot
then it'd be cool
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Kill 'em All in St Anger with the help of the Master of Puppets. He can Ride the Lightning, creating a Death Magnetic.

Shut up, ugly.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Voted for Patron Çıldırdı.

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But our Band is Listana
The day life becomes wholly fair is the same day I kill every ****ing one of you.

If life is fair, then there's no point in living. People have a right to be better than others. That's what makes life beautiful. Sure, you may be **** ugly, but that won't stop you from making something of your life, and helping the whole world (I say whole as a generalization - you can't give billions to every charity need. That further makes life better, because you support what you believe in).
Meh, I find really attractive people boring anyway coz most of them go through life without developing a personality... If you are ugly, like myself, you have to make yourself more interesting. I have done this and have seen over three real-life boobs since I turned 16! =O

Just kidding, all ugly people are ****ed.
Dear diary.

Today I stuffed some dolls full of dead rats I put in the blender.

I'm wondering if, maybe, there really is something wrong with me.
God Dammit, enjoy being yourself and don't bitch about stuff.

One little thing:

Get your ass in shape, dress well, fix your hair; whatever is necessary, and you will make yourself look hella better. Even if you aren't particularly handsome, beautiful or whatever, you likely won't be unattractive - just neutral.
Abraham Lincoln was ugly as **** and still was one of the greatest individuals in history. You don't need to be beautiful to be great.
I'm sorry, I'm just sexy.
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when i grow up i wanna have blackandsilver's babies!

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nice discovery, sir.

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If that were so, then I wouldn't be ridiculously good looking.
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I'd rather listen to my parents having sex than LCD Soundsystem.
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so everyone looks exactly the same?
no thanks jsut get surgey.

You mean like that Twilight Zone episode where everyone goes into surgery and comes out looking like everyone other person of their gender?

Accept yourself for who you are, TS.

The best thing I can ever be, is to be okay with me /simpsons
~don't finkdinkle when ur supposed to be dimpdickin~