you guys know what i'm talking about. at the end of songs or beginning of solos etc. sorry thats a pretty crappy description but you probably get it.

what i was wondering are what are some good ones because i for the life of me cannot think of a song that has one to find on tabs. just the basic ones that can be moved because when i finish playing a song i just feel it needs that little extra boost. sorry if this is should be in tabs, thought it was suited better here
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Despite your explanation I still have no idea what a walk down is.

i know, it was pretty bad. some one mite get it. prbly not tho
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yeah. i can here them in my head but just can't pinpoint what the actual song name is
If you can hear them in your head then figure them out! That is the ultimate goal of a songwriter: Get what you hear in your head recorded exactly as you hear it!

Listen to that Boston song, though, and tell me if that's what you're talking about.
i mean before it at 3:55 but im starting to get it now from the tab on here how to do it. thanks