Okay so I was a bedroom guitarist for around five years till 3-4 months ago when I decided to get super serious and write my own stuff and find a band. I had my first live performance last week!.... I kinda mucked up alot because of the nerves which got to me. Forgetting my parts etc...I just froze up. I did it infront of around 40-50 people. I know for some of you that would be tiny but I was seriously afraid. At the end of it I felt alot better but I still am kind of afraid. Has anyone hear ever mucked up on their first gig and is it NORMAL? or am I just doomed and should never perform again. Just wanna get you're thoughts.

You'll get used to it. The more you play in front of people, the more naturally it comes to you.

EDIT: Find a girl and fap viciously in front of her...that'll build your confidence like no other.
I've never played in front of people but I would expect a lot of people to make minor mistakes on their first few times. It is normal
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it's normal. i ****ed it too when i played live for the first time, but it wasnt that long. I just kinda ****ed the first song, and sweat like a bitch, but from the 2nd and on, i was having fun.

I find the terror focuses my mind and i play better but maybe thats just me and it definately goes away after a few times and its much easier it becomes natural as playing normally.
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i had my first "show" in the fifth grade talent show and i just stopped in the middle and got up and said i messed up...


but nah, first couple are tough, hang in there

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it's totally normal, theres going to be a point in your life where you will transform those nerves into excitement and play like a true guitar hero.
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my first show was basically all power chords (hooray for being a pop-punk head back then) and my 'solos' were from the goldfinger version of 99 red balloons, and 'when i come around'.

...i messed up a decent bit.

dont worry, we all make mistakes, especially for the first show/first couple of shows until we get used to being in the spotlight. heck, i still get dry-mouth while playing on stage.....good thing i dont do vocals!
It's completely normal, it'll become more routine though once you play live more. My first concert was horrible because of my nervousness but I continually got better and better at performing. My suggestion is if you want to get better, just play in front of people any chance you can, even if its jamming for your friends.
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