I was messing with some guitar sounds today and I came up with this. Just want to know what you think about it so far. I know it's short, but if it sounds good to you guys I'll keep working on it.


C4C of course!!

I liked the riff. I thought both parts repeated a little much. the solo section made sense, the simple backing didnt do much for me, but i liked the feel of it. everything was laid back.

i dont have anything on ug, maybe comment on one song from www.myspace.com/malorium ?
itd be appreciated.
Pretty cool. I think this would sound really good with some vocals over it. Right now its probably a little short for that but what you have now is a great start. Pretty laid back song which is nice to hear (more my tastes) I dont think there was anything that was really sticking out as needing tons of work. It flowed well, easy to listen to and seemed to be well thought out.

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Very nice. The only thing is that the drums should be a little more upfront/varied. Probably just to keep the time though. Some cool licks.
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