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I'm a guy from El Salvador, a country in central america...little one...but the point IS, that i'm planing to travel to the USA in order to buy a Gibson Les Paul Classic model (i was attracted by the classic look, and the reviews say they have pretty good hot sound), because they're not sold here, which is crappy. I recently saw that the Classic model has been discontinued by the Gibson company, and other Les Paul models too, so they're on outlet at every guitar store. Do you think this model will be avaible for this January 2009? I'm becoming nervous, they're getting awayy!! Or should I be thinking in another model?, and which would you then recommend? I want a Les Paul with a classic look, not passing the $2200, and with a sound you can say: "wow this IS a Gibson Les Paul!". So thank you a lot for your answers! Sorry if the grammar offended you!!
Dude, they've discontinued them quite a few times since the 90's and it usually seems to be short term. .. . 90's model LP classic's were the best though if I do say so myself.
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I would think with the economy in the toilet you won't see many $2200 guitars being sold, but if they are the Les Paul Traditional Plus would be a good choice. It is about $200 more than you want to spend though, but has all the burst paint options as the classic.
Alot of places still have them in stock from what i've seen, my local GC still has some guitars that were discontinued a couple years ago.
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