Havin a party, I was asked to find some good rock songs to dance to...I have no idea. Please help. I figure punk was the best route to go, but whatever works.
The Jonas Brothers- Burnin' Up
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Death From Above 1979's "You're a Woman, I'm a Machine" album is quite groovalicous.
try some King Crimson. those are some dancin' tunes right there.
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Check out "Death From Above 1979" thats all that you need

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You Suffer by Napalm Death

That'll whip up a dance sensation like you won't believe.
Reel Big Fish - S.R.
Team Orange

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idk that this "solid punk" is something people dance to, rather break stuff and punch each other and do the wall of death....

i'm eclectic, so when i dance i prefer some classic R&B, but Ska is ok if you're looking for something in that Alternative music area.
The punk forum may be of assistance to you...
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ramones are pretty good depending on the party type. there are tons of good punk songs that go well for partying. ask the ug punks in the punk forum as they know what they are talking about. here you'll probably get a lot of dumb responses from people who dont know the genre
Depends on the party. If its a highschool type party then I'd recommend some Blink182 kind of shit. If its going to be a party with more musician types then I would reccomend some more rock oriented Red Hot Chili Peppers songs.
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