I started this to discuss all the gear and other little gadgets that you may have found randomly over the years that turned out to be great.

Recently, i went to a shop looking for a bass and ended up buying a used carvin for cheap , so i had some $ left over.I was looking through the stomp boxes when i found a boss 7 band EQ pedal used for about 50 bucks. I figured it was worth a shot and snagged it,if it was bad then no big deal since it was so cheap.

This little thing has turned out to be sweet! It may not be the best out there,but for my needs its an awesome little tone shaping tool.It makes the lack luster distortion on my amps OD channel sound a lot better and gives my cleans a nice boost.

Also on the same day the guy working at the shop gave me a can of string lubricant called FingerEase,now im addicted to the stuff and how it makes my necks feel.

So what have you folks stumbled on by accident that have made you wonder why you didnt use it sooner?