So, I have to make a periodic table (45 squares) for my chemistry class, and I can choose what it's going to be on. I need trends up/down, left/right, and different groups/families. Since I'm going to be graded on creativity, I need something unique that no one has taken but is not too extremely hard.

Some things already taken:
-Many more

I would've done it on guitars but somebody already has, so does UG have any brilliant ideas for a periodic table?
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There was a teacher at my old high school that had a periodic table of beer. Darkness, alcohol content, etc.
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do a table of thread on UG, or from the pit.

left side has [x] number of pages/posts/views, and the number of pages/posts/views/whatever you chose increaces as you move to the right.

The placement of the threads in the table vertically are based on awesomeness.

Upper left = low posts, low awesomeness
Upper right = high posts, but not that great of a thread
Lower left = awesome, newer thread
Lower right = aewsome, huge threads