Ok I want to eliminate if I can all effects infront of my amp and put them in my loop. I just bought My Boss TU-2 tuner online today so I cant play with it yet. All the others I have now. My first question is which effects can I put in my loop and they still function at there best. My second question is what order do I put them in?

I once put my OD-9 and my NS-2 in the loop and they didnt seem to work very well in it. Did I do it wrong maybe? I know the NS-2 has a loop of its own which I dont use . Right now in my loop I have my MXR 10 band and my Small Clone and they sound great. See sig for my gear list and sorry if I didnt explain myself properly.
usually od pedals and wah pedals go in front of the amp, as well as tuner pedals. usually modulation pedals are the only things that go in the loop. stuff like chorus, phaser, delay and reverb work well in the loop. as for specific order, trying things out to see what works for you is the best plan. or do a search, cause thats a question asked a lot and you can find answers easily.