not bad at all. idk ur guitar seems slightly out of tune but i may just have a bad ear

ur other song tho, never again, is KICKASS!!!!
its alright, but there's some work that needs to be done

other then that, good job
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You've got the speed. There's no denying that.

Now, you need the technique. Work on keeping your bends in pitch, a lot of the time, your bends will end up sharp or flat. Also, maybe try to add some vibrato here and there. You seem to want to try to hard to go fast, so maybe try slowing it down until you really nail it and then gradually speed up?

Good job anyways, care to check out my cover?

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As you said, the bends need a lot of work, but the speed is awesome. I wish I could play that fast well done.

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Your bends are out of control. The purpose of a bend is to get to another note...not just make the pitch go haywire.

That youtube video was really good. Good covers there, for the most part.
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erm....too fast...missed notes out...take time to learn it note by note...nbot very clean at all..but as they said u have speed just got to control it