Check it out guys. It's all me except for the drums and dinosaur noises. I really made it purely out of boredom and for fun. I accept constructive criticism, just don't poop on my head.


EDIT: This song is seriously meant to be completely un-serious, especially the "vocals",
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I liked it! You kinda got a rock thing goin but then I start to hear some metal roots...

being that this is a guitar site... I will not comment of the vocals.....
the rhythm guitar seemed like it was being looped...and sounded somewhat out of time.....
lead was not bad.... kinda cool riff over all
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Hello there!
The recording is fairly rough, but not too bad. I like the bass sound that you captured.
I enjoyed the song, musically that is - I wasn't very big on the vocals althought it wasn't too bad.
I found that the music reminded me of Savatage.

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