Well, I wrote some lyrics recently... and they came out as more of a rap song... i wanted to post them on here but i really wasnt sure how you all felt about that...

by the way its not like the pimps and hoes rap stuff... it actually means something.

well, just wanted to know if i could throw the verse up on here and see what you think.
yeah i'm pretty sure that's fine... it's all music, man
"Your just a monkey in a monkey suit, aww yeah!"-Piebald "Long Nights"
haha yeah, but its really outta my element lol.. its about a girl.. probably cliche... but here it is anyway.

I found a girl that I've known for a while
Decided that I wanted to know her style
Before I knew it I was in over my head
For some time the rest of the world might have been dead
Cause I wasn't on this planet, or even in this galaxy
I was in her forever green eyes, these are facts to me
I thought that I was dreaming initailly
But when I never woke, I proceeded riskfully
To pursue my emerald princess, was almost critical
But her relationship before was elitely political
She was living in a socialistic tyranny
So I called out, their was no doubt she was hearing me
I offered a better place no longer authoritarian
She only responded with a plan to marry him
I questioned, how do you hold him so high?
Even when you are the apple of my eye?
Her face twisted with confusion and began to cry
I asked her to stop because each tear was killing me
Cause I knew our connection was not a chance, but destiny
Maybe when her heart is open, exposed
She will realize the point that I had posed
That the connection we had was more than just faith
But an amazing relationship she threatened in its infant state
Let your feelings grow and mature
Don't ignore them
Cause I know my love is pure

its a work in progress... that is just one verse.... what do u think?