So i am at the point in my guitar playing where me and some guys are starting a band
there is also 2 other guitarists i play with alot too

i need a new amp that can keep up with a band (for smaller gigs) with out being mic'd.

I play many diffrent styles Metal, Punk, Blues, Classic Rock, Indie,... well pretty much all styles but mostly Metal and punk

i currently have a rp90 (nothing fancy) that i might use for effects and/or distortion depeneding on this amp.

Ok i have been looking at alot of combo's, not to much for stacks because my budget tops around $350CAN

i have been considering getting a smaller guitar cab a crate 2x12 - http://www.zzounds.com/item--CRAV212B

and i have been looking at diffrent amps to run threw it, i am really condused though
because that speakers 100w so would i have to get a 100w amp to run threw it?
because i was sort of considering a Orange Crush 30R through it. but would that be loud enough?

also i would absolutley Love suggestions on amps

wow i talk alot..
please help me!!

Wow, not even 30 minutes ago I heard someone dump all over that speaker cabinet, so I can't quite recommend it.

The wattage rating on a speaker cabinet is how much it can handle without blowing. a 100W cab can take UP TO 100W, or you can use less. It is, however best to try to match the wattage pretty close, because as you drive the speakers to their limits, you will get speaker distortion, which will change your sound.

With a $350CAD budget (For any recommendations I give you, I'm just going to cap it at $300US, which is about what it converts to. I don't know what your local prices are) you'll probably be better off with a combo amp than a stack. Stacks really aren't any louder than combos of the same wattage, volume won't be an issue.

While I haven't played one, I have to say go check out a Crate V-series, for the simple reason that they're balls cheap. You could buy one, switch the speaker, switch the tubes, and still be in your budget. From what I've read about the US$150 V-18 (the circuit of which has a resemblance to a vintage Marshall 18 watt [no flaming please-- I said "resemblance"]) It's a bit muddy sounding, so a bright voiced speakers with a high sensitivity rating (as in over 100dB) should allow you to play your drummer into the ground if you need to. If your ever in a situation where that's not loud enough, you'll have to have a PA for micing up your drummer anyway.

The US$200 V50 should be loud as hell no matter what speaker you put in it, and has two channels, but it's 6L6 based compared to the V18's EL84's, the difference comes down to preference. There's still enough budget here to throw in a brand name speaker, although you might be stretching it.

edit: You may not even need a sensitive speaker in that 18watter. Tube watts go FAR. Yesterday I practiced with my band using my Traynor YCS50. I kept the amp in 15 watt mode the entire time, with the volume probably around 60%-70%. If I dimed my guitar's volume knob and turned on the boost, it was deafening. That amp has a Celestion Vintage 30 speaker. It's sensitivity is 100dB.
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wow thanks
yeah i was looking at those crates quite a bit more at the v33-212 though
but i have heard alot (and i mean alot) that those crates (v series) are really bad for metal?

-and the money,, well the prices in store here, are about the same in the States (im Usa/canada Dual citizen)
Vox AD50VT? or Roland Cube 30X? Those amps are decent. Go read some reviews to find out more. Peace
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but would 50 watts be loud enough for small gigs tho

i usually jam with my friends a few times a week one uses
a peavey Bandit 112(80w)

and the other a Peavey Studio Pro 112 (65w) With an extentioin speaker
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are there some other good amps that might work well for me??

You guys never ****ing read the faq do you?

Its 50watts of tube. You could drown out your drummer at 8.
50 watt tube cranked induces shitting of pants and SEVERE hearing damage.
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