just bought the emg-81/85 zakk wylde set. i have an ibanez rg140 with a 5 position toggle switch. the pickups are made for no more than a 3 position. where can i get a 3 postion switch for the ibanez?
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You could just wire up the 5-way with the two pickups and save yourself the hassle of swapping the switches couldn't you?

I've never worked with these pickups but there can't be anything physically stopping them from working with a 5-way that I can think of

You could just double-up the positions on the switch for the pickups or leave some empty for a killswitch type effect surely?

Oh, well it's not like the switches are expensive so it's your call. Just thought I'd point out they should work with the 5-way and if anyone knows otherwise they can enlighten me!
you can either wire the 5 way to not use the other 5 positions, or you could buy a three way from guitarfetish, small bear, anywhere that sells guitar parts. your choice.
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i was reading on the emg website that you cant wire the 81/85 combos to a 5 way switch because it will create dead spots at positions 2 and 4 that could cause damage to the pickups.
If you're worried about that then either duplicate position 1 & 5 on them or position 3 for:

1. B
2. B
3. B + N
4. N
5. N


1. B
2. B + N
3. B + N
4. B + N
5. N

No deadspots. Just duplication.