i need to learn some peices for my hsc,
i want him to give me a hand sitting my fourth grade theory level.
i want him to help me get my singing HEAPS better.

i know my scales and junk, but im still not that great at improvising or writing solos.

should i ask him to teach me "phrasing" and what is exactly is that?

and also, what could he teach me that would make me a better songwriter? cause that is my main goal and ambition. i practise writing songs more than i practise playing fast.

i want to be a songwriter, rather than a shredder.

so help me set some goals that i can get my teacher to help me out with.

thnaks heaps.
Your guitar skills seem pretty good. Some things to learn...if you don't already know them are, chord inversions, time signatures, and intervals. These are just some things off the top of my head.
I like your singing voice too! Keep at it, and I'm sure you'll be a good singer.

You should also ask your teacher to teach you complicated timing patterns. Phrasing is playing
something like how you would sing it, so basically you have to take breaths. An easy way to learn phrasing is to sing a song you are trying to learn and then play it like how you sing it.
It's also sorta like accenting the note for example soften and make the note quieter to replicate the feeling of singing.

Hoped it helped,