hey people, currently i am using digitech grunge. It's a decent pedal but too much distortion. I am looking for a pedal that delivers smooth, warm and sexy (lol) distortion. I tried the boss ds-2 turbo distortion but doesn't suit my style
well, what style do you play? have you tried lowering the gain on that thing? or use the amp models of your amp.
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you need something like a GNX workstation.

you can chnge the default settings and you can program your own sounds and store them in the unit.

it even has different amp cabinets to choose from

look for a good used deal.

have fun!
Catalinbread Silverkiss, or maybe the HyperPak Dirty Channel.

I have both the HyperPak and a Keeley FuzzHead. The HyperPak is a bit more gentle. Check out the Youtube demonstrations and decide for yourself. I'm considering the SilverKiss to round out my board. I find there is no single pedal that can do all you might want (for instance a single distortion type pedal that can do very different types and sounds of distortion or fuzz), and endlessly tweaking to change the sound is frustrating.
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First you need a new amp, then check out skreddy and wampler on youtube.
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