i have an old electric guitar that i dont use anymore and i was wondering if it is possible to turn it into a lapsteel by changing the nut and adjusting the bridge.
The guitar is a Greg Bennett RL2.
Any info would go a long way
Thanks for your help
An electric guitar (assuming it's a conventional or common shape) wouldn't be ideal as a lap steel in it's original form. You may find that the shape of it makes it uncomfortable to play flat on your lap.

Maybe another alternative would be to raise the nut and bridge height, put it in a lapsteel tuning, and use it exclusively for slide guitar? Play it normally, instead of on your lap.

Otherwise, maybe you could try your hand at building a lap steel. Strip the hardware (bridge, pups, tuners, etc) from the electric, obtain some suitable wood and plan it carefully, then build it. To the best of my understanding, you would not require a truss rod, or have to go to any of the trouble of building a normal neck, because the strings won't touch the fretboard (therefore eliminating the hardships of fretboard radius, and the whole fretting process).

It's worth considering building your own, especially if you could use the hardware and electronics from the electric to reduce the cost. It'd also allow you to design it to a shape that would be comfortable to you.

Worth some thought.
I agree with the above statement.

There are also replacement necks that are square in the back that fit strat style guitars, im not sure who makes them though.
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