Hey guys im new by the way i just thought id be rather keen just to share some lyrics i wrote a and a couple of poems


Her hearts tender flame
My life, id start again
Burning dim, I lost you alive
Your love is gone, my heart, it died...

I hate you, love me
I know...
Fallen from grace
Id catch you today, see that face...
still you fall, still I cry

I'd cry... your heart-felt life...

Her touch bitten cold
My pain, with scars to show
shining bright, a storm of doubt
But your lips are sealed, your hearts burnt out...

I love you, hate me
I know...
I'd trade this place
Id see you today, see that face...
But still I try, god still I cry

I'll cry... your heart-felt life...

(You know i'll)
Never be a memory
Never to trust,
Confide in me!
Always forever,
Forever and never
Your love is hope
My heart-felt deceiver


...And then calm, a passing storm carries through, see through the eye...
straight through to you...

Poem 1:

maybe someday
under the blooming cherry tree
where your love lights up the star streamed sky
a promise of trust
from your heart, till times still dust
a hand to hold by...

and from there
till worlds still die
against all odds
its my love, your life
keeping strong
holding on
and from your tears ocean shore
a dead dream lives, ill be yours forevermore

maybe someday
ill cross that bridge, that star lined shore
where white doves fly, over sea soaked floor
maybe tomorrow
ill hold your hand, see your face, see you smile
or stand alone
in dark cold fields
for your heart wont grow...

Poem 2:

you know id...
slow the sun still
kill the dead night
trace the shooting stars
change your beating heart
id walk on healing water
id fall though broken sky
id climb to heaven just for
your side to stand by
but if thats not right for you, for me
a dream stays dream, a story unread
there was a time i thought dreams come true
travel mountains, cross oceans, be invincible
but now your off, i wasnt ever there
and i lost something right, through constant shedded tears
in my dreams, perhaps youll stay
ill wait for you... for someday,
or let me die

i love you
dont you cry

its all quite depressing i know but any feedback would really be greatly appreciated haha thanks
Wow, that's completely awesome. I agree with the statement above ^ well, maybe not on the same spot as the user above, but another. Anyway, good stuff
hi Fire-Fade

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good luck.


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