I just got the Marshall JVM 410H with a 1960BV cab. Fortunately i still have a month to return it if I need to. So I want to hear opinions on whether I should trade it for a Mesa Boogie or not. I've played both n I'm not a hundred percent decided. I've heard complaints that Mesas get too muddy and lack the definition Marshalls have. On the other hand, I've heard Marshalls can't put out as heavy of tones as Mesas. So tell me what YOU prefer and why. And if there are any clips or youtube videos post em. BTW I play with an American Deluxe Strat, it's got a Dimarzio Air Zone but I'm lookin to put something more high output in there for Metal tones like Rammstein and Children of Bodom.
i would say mesa would be better for what u play, people say they are muddy cause they take a while to EQ. But just fiddle a bit and u should be fine
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Yay! Another Rammstein fan .
Check out my thread, I posted a link to both Richard Kruspe's and Paul Landers'
equipment somewhere (according to rammstein-europe). They both use Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier(Among other amps).
Hope this helps!
I love my Mesa

I don't really like the Marshall sound; I guess it's a personal thing.

Both companies make great quality amps, though, so it just depends on what you like.
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if you can't get a real heavy tone with JVM then you got some problems on your end.

that being said, just play the hell out of both amps and decide which one is more for you.

I was looking at Mesa Boogies when I was amp shopping, but it didn't have what I wanted. I grew up listening to all the great rock/metal players with the Marshall tone. So that is the sound I am accustomed to and really enjoy. So going with Marshall was a no brainer.
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Muddy sounds on high end tube amps usually come from the pickups. Pickups make a big difference on tube amps and can really make or break it.

They both have their pro's and con's and at that high lvl of music amps, almost every amp is good. It really just depends on what sound your after.

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Speakers can also be the cause of muddy sound. I personally think even Vintage 30s can get a bit muddy sounding with high gain and certain eq settings.
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Thats a tough call, if you purchased the JVM brand new you can easily buy a brand new road king.

They're both versatile amps, the road king probably beats it out a little. IMO, the JVM sounds like an American amp, doesn't have that EL34 vibe like it should. The Road King is a bit more raw for rhythms, yet can be smoother for leads. Both amps have good cleans, I probably prefer the Road King's cleans a bit.

I do recommend you get a better cab no matter what head you stick with. Marshall cabs are tiny, not great for bass resonance. I recommend Basson, Orange, Port City, Vader (esp for metal) Mills Acoustics, Tone Tubby, Ear Candy, and Stone Age.
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Quote by JLT73
I grew up listening to all the great rock/metal players with the Marshall tone. So that is the sound I am accustomed to and really enjoy. So going with Marshall was a no brainer.

I'd have to agree with this. I like both amps myself, though in fairness, I couldn't afford a Mesa when I bought mine. However, of all the amps I did try, as soon as I played on the Marshall it was like coming home as it had all the tones of the bands I loved as a kid. My taste these days is for a little more distortion than was common in the 1980s so I tend to crank the gain quite a lot and I may end up getting a pedal to boost it further but the basic tone I love. It's all down to your preference I guess.
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What Mesa are you speaking of?
If you have a good amount of cash to spend I'd go with a Roadster. JMO.
Or get a used TriAxis and keep your eye out for a good deal on a poweramp.
Of pick up a MKIII on ebay, they go for as low as $800 sometimes.

Mesa's can get muddy, but it's nothing you wouldn't be able to tweak out. Atleast, that's my experience from the Mesa's I've played. Although, I was never a fan of the Marshall tone either.
dont go all in and trade in your new amp just yet.
i suggest trying out some different high quality guitars with your jvm.
try a les paul standard for example, you will get a much more ballsier sound than you get from a stratocaster.
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Quote by xxdarrenxx
Muddy sounds on high end tube amps usually come from the pickups. Pickups make a big difference on tube amps and can really make or break it.

I completely agree with this post. I doubt it's your amp.
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thanks for the replies. As far as a cab, what about the Marshall 1960s? anyway, i guess i'll try a mesa rectifier, idk shit about mesas. i just want to get what i guess i call "quality" metal tone. When i hear Rammstein, Children of Bodom, or Rob Zombie/White Zombie, I hear i your face riffs that just sound really metallic, and they're not overly distorted or muddy. I want to stay the hell away from what I consider more "crap" metal tone, like slipknot or SOTD. NOW DON'T GET ME WRONG-I still like those bands! I just prefer the metallic, thick, crunchy, and more defined sounds that come from bands like Children of Bodom, Rammstein, White Zombie, and Rob Zombie.
mesa all the way.
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any suggestions on specific mesas for the tone i'm looking for? and if i stay with the jvm which cab would be best for that tone? (preferably a marshall cab, if there's a good one.)