Hi guys!

Bought myself a Laney LC15r last week (used) and i'd like to get new valves.
They arent broken or anything, but it doesnt sound how i'd like it to, and i've heard valves make a fair difference. Plus the ones in there now have been there for two years! So some new ones would be beneficial anyway.

But i dont know what to get

I'm pretty sure its two pre-amp valve and one power-amp valve. I'm looking to get a smooth hard rock round, but also sparkling cleans. I want them to be a bit more smooth than these, i mean on the cleans. It sounds quite sharp to the ears when playing the high strings and i'd like it smoother.

Sorry for the wall of text!!

Basically, i need to know what type and brand of valve should i buy for my needs, and where can i get them from the cheapest?
Perhaps a Tung Sol 12AX7 in V1 and Mullard 12AX7 V2 followed by a JJ EL34 in the power section?
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Go there, see if they have kits for your amp, if not send the man an email he's very professional and will help you create a valve kit that'll give you the sound you're looking for.