We did some free recordings the other week we only had 6 hours and managed to lay down 2 tracks I only had ten min to do two vocal tracks please have a listen.


If you like it add your self to the myspace. Also check out our face book group search Shizamms Picbox and have a look.

Gigs and stuff

Sat 25th October @ Southampton Solent Student union - with 'Last Letter Read' - doors 7.30pm - Southampton.

Sat 8th Nov @ Denzil House (secret show) - with Ok Pilot doors 8pm - Southampton
(for details of this show contact www.myspace.com/shizammspicbox or search denzil house on facebook).

Sat 6th Dec @ The Ferryman and Firkin southampton - doors 7.30pm - Southampton

20th Dec Playing a live set on 87.7fm www..spinfm.co.uk. Tune in and listen to us take the piss

We got a bunch of other shows in the pipe line so keep in contact.

also give us a shout if you need a gig or wont to give us a gig.
Alright Tet, how's things?

Remember me? I organised the gig you played at the SU last february (FOURplay, with Aroteh, who pulled out, I See Sparks (who are almost as good as Kate Nash). You were telling me how you lugged your spider through Camden high street.

I'll try to come on Saturday.
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