hey guys...need help on any of u that know a neck pickup that would go well with

the SD JB humbucker at the bridge...i was thinking the lil 59 coz of the good reviews

on the 59 hum(neck) and the jb hum(bridge)...would it be as good if it were a lil 59?

i've narrowed it to 3 which is the lil 59, lil jb or the lil hot rails...any other suggestions

or any of u have experienced any of the 3 i mentioned?....the dk2 has an alder body

btw for any of u not familiar with it....looking forward to ur replies...thanks in advance
lil 59 would be a good match. just dont expect it to sound like a true single coil.
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im not looking for a true single coil...i'm trying to look for a humbucker sounding single coil

im torn between the lil 59 and the hot rails now...anything? how bout any dimarzios ?