I play acoustic, and im looking for software where i can record maybe 4 to 8 tracks.

But im unsure what software to chooose?

My friend has one called Sonar 7, which looks good but quite advanced for me.
Ive also heard of Audacity..
I realise one is free and one isnt.

Ideally, id like to record my guitar track, then add some violin sample maybe in background etc.. Then vocals.
Nothing too advanced yet.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

If you want to test the waters go with a free program such as Audacity or Reaper. Sonar is expensive.

Do you have an acoustic/electric or are you going to mic the guitar?
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I have both acoustic and electric, im probs gona mic the acoustic for the meantime.

So, which program provides samples of like synths/strings etc as standard, if any?