I'm looking to buy a new guitar, but I don't want to spend more than $500. I already own a Dean Vendetta XM, and a Epiphone 1966 G-400 Special Edition Reissue, but I'm looking for something with a nice "metal" tone. I was thinking an Ibanez RG, or maybe a BC Rich.

Any suggestions?
DONT buy a BC Rich cheaper than 800.
High end BC Riches are fine guitars, I like those, but low-mid ends BC Rich..?

Get a Jackson, saw some RR V's for about 450.
afaik, the Bc riches under like 8-900 aren't great...

I'd say for a metal guitar, a few ones to check out would be the Ibanez RG, a mid-range jackson, or maybe an ESP (I'm not to sure on the pricing of ESPs to know what'll fit your budget, though...)

those are pretty much just the stereotypical metal guitars..

go to a shop and try out everything you can!
B.C. Rich makes a good high end instrument, but everybody and their brother and sister has the cheap warlocks, and they're pretty crappy. Might I suggest a Jackson Dinky? I got a $550 DK10D on sale for $349, brand new from my local independant guitar shop (not Guitar Center). The Dinky is very versatile and has great metal tones, and the Floyd is wicked. WARNING: If you aren't prepared to deal with the inherent hassles of a Floyd, don't get a guitar with one, They are a hassle at string-up, but are well worth it. Are you set on a brand new guitar? If you are, shop around and never take a flyer from guitar center or musician's friend as a cost comparison, that will just build animosity in the local guitar store. REMEMBER... If something goes wrong with your axe, he's gonna be the one doing the repairs unless you do your own work, like myself. Plus once you've made a purchase at a local store, they'll take good care of you. DON'T BE AFFRAID TO HAGGLE! If you don't mind a good used axe, you're more likely to get more for your money, And NEVER buy an axe you cannot play before making your decision to purchase. If you aren't opposed to a used axe, check out Guitar Center's used section to get an idea of what certain used axes are going for.
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Jackson mid priced guitar have good metal sound and great playability. I'd check into those if I were u.

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I'd still say an Ibanez RG would be your best bet, IMo, you get the best playability and best tone for standard factory stock pickups usually come out of Ibanez guitars.
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I had a BC hand made back i the 80s and thought it was trash. I could not get a god sound of it and did not really like the feel of the neck. Maybe they are better today, but I would stick with something like a used Gibson LP studio, LP Special or a used Strat. I think you are close to American Standard range if you do not mind a little buckle rash and negotiate.
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You might consider a Schecter. The Damien 6 may suit your needs.
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In that price range, 79 series Dean.
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Jacksons are amazing for metal. They have a good neck for shredding and chording, and are good for the price. New DXMGs run around 450, but I bought mine used for 300. Even though the pickups arent stock, its awesome. I'm actually selling mine for 250, as I wanna upgrade again.
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