I've been playing exactly 11 months today. And I thought for my "anniversary", I would ask UG'ers of my progress.

I am....

- Compeltely self tought
- I can improv and solo through the enitre minor pentatonic and minor scale on the entire neck.
- My recent completions are a bunch of easy Flyleaf songs (mainly to impress people), a bunch of three days grace, marylin manson, nirvana, etc
- My biggest (I feel) accomplishments are completing rain from trivium and just learned all of the rhythm to a tee of Everytime I die from Children of Bodom as well as Almost Easy by A7X

- My passion is death/thrash metal but most songs are still hard.

I am usually a very fast learner but I do not know how i've done musically cus I have no buddies that have been playing with me or an instructor to let me know if I have progressed. Please be honest, if you feel I have not progressed then please tell me.

So I resort to fellow UG'ers.... what do you guys think?
i agree
**** what everyone else thinks
if you thnk you have progressed and happy with what you have been able to achieve then no one else matters.

try getting some tracks up as its easy to say you learnt things to a tee but be wrong (not saying you are)

to be honest it sounds like your doing well if your self taught and you can do tremelo picking (trivium - rain)

try giving disposable heros a go by metallica
thats a good starting point
you may find it easy

good luck
Sounds good.Can you post a video?Would like to see how well you play because playing a song sloppily equals rubbish.
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Yes I will, I have also learned how to use pro tools so ill use my little m-box to get some tracks up for you guys. Thanks a lot, it was really nice to hear good things, I appreciate it.