so i recently started to play bass.

all my favortie bands play a 5string, so i got a 5 string also.
i listen to and play mostly metal, so i have my guitar tuned to drom C.

but then for bass, i have standard tuning (BEADG) since im sure its what the bassists(of the bands i listen to) have their basses tuned to.

when i search for tabs, most bass tabs are tabbed out as CGCFA.
it makes sense cos some songs are fast and you need the open C string to play the song etc etc.

am i tuning my guiatr right?
but looking at live videos, im sure its not CGCFAD.

this bass player is clearly playing in a different tuning.
Hotties + metal thanks for the link ---what bass is she using? not a BTB right?...anyway

i always match tuning with my guitarist friends...am i doing something wrong?..maybe if i was more musically educated i could tune however though i suppose....and still make it sound good....
^ i think shes using a Tobias. Same for the previous bass player.


it would be so much easier for me to play in CGCFA, but then why arent all the bass players doing that?
its really hard to figure bass lines by ear
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