So i can play pretty speedy, but only scalic like. When i'm improvising i want to have more variation when playing at speed. Does anyone know any exercises for helping me to change strings without going up the scale pattern. Not being able to move up and down the strings fast enough whilst trying to break out of playing solos scalic-like is hindering me. Ps i'm talking about my picking and fretting hand, not moving up and down the fretboard.
try simple string skipping excercises, at a slow speed, with a metronome. slowely speed up. remember to wait until long after you need to speed up to actually do so. trust me, speeding up too soon will just hinder you even more.
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Cheers but i didn't mean string SKIPPING, i meant changing strings. I understand what you mean though, but can anyone post any actual exercises that might help? I tend to stick to the same thing and am not very imaginative when it comes to making up my own exercises.