Okay I don't know if this has any value but I thought I would throw it out there anyway. I used to pick using three fingers with my fingers relatively a lil bent for flexibility. As I have been using it this way for so long I thought I could only play this way. I did notice in myself that I lacked strength in certain areas however much I practiced.
Well, on Sunday I had a guitar lesson and the guitar teacher told me I have been holding my pick wrong for the past five years! Okay so I switched to using two fingers to pick (the index bent with the thumb) and It felt so natural like I seriously have just gained A YEAR on my technique. Im so much more faster, stronger, accurate and have 30% more endurance. I can play licks I couldn't play using my three fingers.
The moral of this is of course some people are going to be differant than me and thats fine. But if you use three fingers why not at least TRY the two fingers picking? you might surprise yourself, if not than no harm done. it's about finding your strength, if three fingers is your strength than keep it.

anyone else have a similar experience to me?
Yup, I had the exact same situation as you, except I discovered it myself and it took a year. Although if a song has full chords which need to be strummed, I still prefer the old way. That doesn't happen very often in metal though.
Hetfield uses 3 fingers sometimes, so his wife tells me any way...

I used my middle finger for like the first year of my playing, and it felt better than using my first, but some where over time I have switched to using my first and now can hardly use my middle.

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Wow, good job bud.

Now, off to see if someone in Electric Guitar figured out how to tune they're guitar.
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Yes and SLASH uses three fingers also. They found their strength. My post is not to say three fingers is bad, it is just to let fellow guitarists know my story and they can experiment to find their strength.
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Hetfield uses 3 fingers sometimes, so his wife tells me any way...

I played with my fingers and thumb up until the start of last year. I started using picks and played using index and middle finger, then started just using my index and thumb to hold the pick because when I held it with my second it slowed me down and made my playing a tad sloppier.
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Thanks for the advice. I'm going to put it, along with your other advice, into a book, the pages of which I will then use to wipe my ass.
I have used always 3 fingers i think, now you made me grab my guitar and play with 2, and now i'm confused xD
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You should've looked at how your favourite guitarists held their plecs when you were first starting out. It's a good frame of reference.

There's nothing worse than having your muscles remember something that's completely wrong.
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