You may have seen us on here before, because we have posted. But if I recall correctly some of you wanted the album but couldn't get it. Well now you can, because we have uploaded it to Demonoid and the Pirate Bay. And yes, you can download it 100% free and legal.

All we really wanna do is get our music spread to people and we don't care how. Once you download it you can give it away, burn cd's we don't care. Just make sure to credit the right band, and if you could pass our myspace along with it that would be greatly appreciated



Thanks everyone! We hope that you enjoy it!

All the best,
Ill check this out....
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Theres a chav revolution brewing in my area, hopefully my personal hygiene, sobriety, long hair and GnR albums can protect me for some time.
Also, it would be awesome if you guys could spread and seed it for at least a little while. Just to help me out

Because remember, you can't get in trouble for seeding this one