Has anyone played or used a Microcube? I've been saving and planning to replace my P.O.S SS Peavey amp with a good tube amp. But I've been thinking since i don't play out yet and just practice and am still trying to develop my personal style, would it just make more sense to get a small modeling amp like a Microcube? Practicing on a tube would proabably be impractical and my neighbors are bitches at times. What is the deal on Cubes/ modleing amps in general? I need something reliable for 3 hour/day practice sesions and sound good.
The Cube is perfect for what you want to do. Also check out the Vox Da5 and Vypyr 15. But the cube is a proven reliable practice amp. Modeling amps in general offer a multitude of effects and different amp simulations allowing the player to explore a wide range of tones.
The cube is great as a practice amp if you play metal (which you probably do, judging from your screenname).
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The cube is great as a practice amp if you play metal (which you probably do, judging from your screenname).

hehe, yes. But I play a variety of different music thats why i thought it might be cool to have all of thos effects/amp models rolled into one. BUT, how well does it replicate those sounds?
I have both a microcube and a Vox AD15. I got hte micro for travelling in tight spaces... and I use it for that. But when it comes down to it, I always play through my AD15 unless I space is an issue (packing in the car). I find the AD15 just has a wider range of tones and whatnot, as far as modeling amps go. Though the cube does have a bit better "metal" tone, but you can't get as many different tones out of it.
I'm not into modern metal tones, but the other day I was in a music store and some metal dude was playing some licks on one of those Vox's (the modeling one mentioned above). And it had a serious metal tone. It was seriously annoying to me, but I had to do a double take when I saw that it was a Vox. I have never mentioned Vox and metal in the same sentence, but you metal dudes should seriously check that thing out. I think you would like it.
Either amp mentioned is terrific for what you wish to do with it. I briefly owned one of the Vox 15w units for practice, but then bought a house, so I can be as noisy as I want now. I was quite happy with it.

Both will even do credible jazz tones. Believe it or not, there are quite a few jazz musicians who have found that the Roland cubes are every bit as good as their beloved Roland Jazz Chorus amps.
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If your not into serious metal tones. check out the Vox DA 20 also.
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I have one, it sounds crap. If you must have a Cube fork out for the 60, the bigger speaker and EQ are worth the extra cash tonewise.
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I played a Cube 30-X for almost a year and it was a great little amp. It has modelling stacks for a Peavey, Marshall, and Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier as well as 4-5 others. It also has some decent effects (for the price). And it has a second clean channel, too. You can footswitch between the two of them as well.

I used the clean channel and Dual Rectifier/Marshall/Peavey stacks the most. You can get a pretty decent metal tone from the Rectifier model. The cube amps get great reviews from almost everybody here and on other boards. They are a proven amp and you'd probably be pretty happy with it.
Vypyrs will only be loved by those who love brotalz metal and noobs who want to play classic rock or blues and are getting to much gain and not enough tone for what they are looking for, just my opinion.
the microcube is pure bliss if you like playing all the time with descent tone with a descent reange of tonal flavors, im at my moms store right now playing away, im not ganna bring the VOX ad50 to lug around.
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If your not into serious metal tones. check out the Vox DA 20 also.

dont listen to this guy, if your into serious metal tones get a vypyr, or a flextone, anyways if you are ganna get a high powered 50 watt vypyr might as well get the flextone, better quality soundwise.