So, for my ENG 151 class, I need to write a 5 page cause and effect analysis paper by 2:30 pm today, I have a pre-calc class in 30 minutes that lasts until 12:45, but i think im going to skip that since we don't have a test or anything, and i need the time to write..

Anyway the paper has to relate to Capitalism and it's effects on Something, and more specifically a capitalism in a democratic society such as the US. The effect is supposed to be something negative as far as i know, and i'm trying to come up with something music related, such as...

Capitalism causes business to be focused primarily on money and marketing potential, so record companies edit artists music so that it is the most likely to sell + as politically correct as possible (well, not really, but i don't know how to word it exactly), and often, the music sounds far different than what the artist originally intended.

I have a few other ideas, but i don't think they are very good, or that they are just pulling at strings for a topic... so is this one, imo.

T.L.D.R. Version - Looking for a cause/effect essay topic relating to capitalism and it's effects on record companies, or anything else music related that is negative and could potentially fill 5 pages.

I know this is kind of just me being lazy, but i'm having trouble coming up with a topic, and it's not like im asking you to write my paper. But if you want to say something about me, go ahead, it's just a free bump .
How about the basic; that capitalism allows to wealthy to maintain and build on thier wealth because having access to cash allows you to invest and or purchase items that can be used as collateral, such as gold or real estate, to increase a persons wealth. It's hard to create wealth when you have no assets to work with in the first place.
You should do one on how capitalism is an obstacle for the people to apply the democracy on the most important and most influential part of the world, the economy.
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IN THEORY (not necessarily reality), Communism is actually not too bad of an idea.
Basically, you're screwed. You can't get 5 pages of quality writing about capitalism and the music industry (not forgetting that without capitalism the music industry wouldn't exist and all you'd hear would be local music) in 2 hours.
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