hello, I just got a Solfano sp77 purple faced and when I turn down the Output knob on the red channel it I can hear some weak sound. When I turn the knob up the preamp plays too loudly. I think the out put knob should turn off the sound completely. What do you think, is this a bug or it should be so?
Nope, not a bug. The poweramp controls the volume. The preamp's output level determines how hot of a signal goes to the poweramp. By turning down the sp77's output, you just ran a low-power signal into the poweramp. To turn off the sound completely, turn down the poweramp.

Nice preamp btw. I'm looking into one of those ATM.
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What is the poweramp in terms of soldano sp 77?

Yes, I see. You mean an external poweramp. But what use can people make of that feature with low signal?
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