hey there
this is my first post btw so plz be nice

i bought an epi sg about a week ago and the action on it was amazing
the lowest iv ever played and i love it
howeve i just noticed a dead note on the D string on the 13th fret
and when i went to raise the bridge a tad to get rid of the problem i found that the string retainer bar is angled
hmmm i though and i looked at the where the bolt meets the bushing in the body,
the bushing is starting to come out!!!
i tookk of the strings and wraped the bushing in tape and had to knock it back in with a cloth and block of wood
but as soon as i tensioned the strings it started to come out again!

so i dont know wether glueing it in would help at all
the other bushing is fine though

thanx alot for any help


btw i should mention that its the bshing on the low side lol, with the thicker strings
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I cannot quite understand you... could you explain the problem in real English please?
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The stop tail has alot of tension on it. One of the bushings on my LP was coming out to. I mixed some epoxy up slathered it on and pushed the bushing back and let it dry overnite before putting the strings back on.
you need to tighten teh gap, glue might work, or sawdust/matches, just soemthing to really hold it in place so it cant get free
hey there
i sorted the problem with the bushing coming out of the body
just slapped some araldite in there and now it wors a treat and is as solid as a rock:-)