Ive gone through about 15 titles for this song

The Best three i think are
1.Death of an Angel
2.Angels with broken wings (Broken wings is used way to much though)
3.Rising Angels, falling Hopes

oh well..

Above the sky the angels sing.
Underneath the angels cry as they rise above.
Unload, let the gunfire ring.
Another angel ascends to the sky.
Another mother is left to wonder why.

Only the lucky die.
Seek a reward for a life not lived.
If only a mother had one to give.
What do you hear when an angel dies?

The angel sings while the mother weeps.
Mother’s nightmares while the angel dreams.
Hear that gunfire? Liberations on its way.
Liberators freed her son.
And left a shell of another.
Freedom came for some, but left her behind.
Was enslaved and happy better than freed and alone?
Given one freedom, to have another taken.


What do you hear when an angel dies?
As bombs go off and angels take flight.
What do you hear when an angel dies?
Another mother begins to cry.