can anyone recommend me some good tone settings for this head?
any range of styles welcomed, just bought it and need advice would be much appreciated
set everything at five, and play with each setting till you like what you get.
why dont you just mess around with it yourself.
is it that hard to fiddle with knobs and mess with your guitar.
Just play around with it, 6505 and 5150s are some of the simplest amps to use and get a good tone out of. Largely due to no matter what you do it always sounds the same Just set everything to five then tweak from there.
the MID knob is ganna be the most responsive out of all of the EQ on any amp so especially mess with that.
also a tube amp sounds diffrent tonally with the volume knob at diffrent levels, so before you do anything roll the gain off and see how the amp sounds at volume wise with the gain rolled off, set your volume knob at 9 o clock, then 12, then 3, then 6.
bring the gain up a bit and repeat the same process, think this will help you familirize yourself with what your amp can do at diffrent levels of volume and gain.
simple thing you can do to make you know your amp a bit more.
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