A student of mine got a new guitar that needed set up a little bit. I lowered the action, set the intonnation, and retuned, as well as cleaning and stretching the strings out. I was thinking of charging like $15. Do you think that is too steep or not enough? I know if I were to send him to a shop they would have charged at least $20 for it probably. let me know.
i've been charged $70 for a setup.
and they nicked my neck. assholes
anyways, considering its your student, your already making money off of him, so anywhere between free and $20 should be fine. i'd go between $10 and $15, depending on how much you charge for lessons. maybe $20.
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if i were you, i would just do it for free. i mean, he's already paying for the lessons (well i'm guessing). but it's really up to you.
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A student of yours? What are you, a teacher? I checked your profile and it says you're born 1991.


Give the kid the benefit of the doubt...

No more than 20 but if he is loyal to you than free. It will bring you more customers/students at the end of it.
Just give him it for free; it's not like a good setup is like building the guitar all over again. Just say to him "I'll give you a nice setup for free, considering if you got one at a shop its $100"

He'll like you more. And there's nothing worse than teaching someone you don't like.
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I agree with the free if he's already paying for lessons, but if you must charge $15 is reasonable.
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So you took the guitar and set it up without agreeing on a price first?
Suck it up, you made a mistake.
i'd say 15 to 20. Set ups with me usually cost like 40 bucks. It's possible for someone his age to be giving lessons. i was born in 90 and i give them.
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