Hey guys!
Well ok so, i'm new to electric guitar and it's equipment. I only own a acoustic guitar, and now i'm taking the step and buying an electric guitar and equipment.

Ok so here is the deal:
I'm buying a Epiphone Casino, a VOX AC15, a Mesa/Boogie V-Twin (preamp dist/overdrive pedal) and a BOSS TU-2 (tuner) to start with. My question is, what and how many cables should i buy/do you recommend (brand, length)? and also, how do i connect them together, in what order etc etc?

I'm also buying a Shure SM58 LC. I've planned connecting it to a mixer board ((http://www.thomann.de/se/the_tmix_mix_502.htm), I've chosen the cheapest one, i guess it works with it?) and then to my stereo (which is cheaper than buying a speaker for it). Even here i need help choosing a cable for it, which do you recommend?
And one last thing, how can i put echo and other effects to the voice (microphone)?

Also if you want, you are welcome to recommend pedals or effects that i can buy later My favorite group is Lifehouse (pop/rock) if it helps to give advices

Thanks in advance, i appreciate all answers /José
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Well...I'm not an expert. but you should always put you're tuner in first, because then the signal isn't altered at all before it enters the tuner, but apart from that you need to swap them about because each arrangement has a different sound, and everybody prefers a different sound.

3 leads, two long, 1 short

And as for the voice effects, well sometimes they're built into the mixer. however if not you can buy FX racks (they look like the bit with all the knobs on the guitar amp), though they're very expensive, and although this isn't very professional, i've put a mic. through a guitar pedal before, and it's not too bad...

And finally, if you're after a pop/ rock sound, a lot of bands use flange and other Freq. Shifters, though you'd be best off just buying a multi-fx pedal, which has loads on to choose.

But really this is just opinion, you might wanna try it out, but the best thing is experience and experimenting.
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