Hey guys I've been in a band for two years now and we've played ten gigs around the local area. The only recordings we have are live takes with zero overdubbing, poor mix quality and a few mistakes in each one. Anyway let me know what you think.


Anyway I was wondering if we're good enough to book actual studio time. It's expensive and we're still not as tight as we could be, but it would be nice to have some decent recording. Anyway, let me know what you think...
You guys are definitely talented enough to get studio time.

Really enjoyed the tunes, the vocals had a unique feel to it. The only thing I saw that could be improved on was the quality of recordings, so yeah, book some studio time, you wont regret it. Live recordings always have some kind of fault to them, our first one was so bad that we almost just gave up straight up, but that's just the way things happen haha.

Check out my band, Silent Surrender, we're a bit heavier, but I think you'll enjoy it nonetheless.


And keep up the good work. Lovin' the vocal work.

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