IV been wanting to buy an ESP or Ibanez. It has come down to this:


I can buy this guitar for almost £100 cheaper than this shop. The only problem is that it dosent have the SeymourDuncan Humbukers that i want, so i will have to buy them as well. I just wanted to know if this was a good guitar.

i was also looking at this:


Identical, but with SD Humbuckers and some other better features.
would this be a better choice?
the 2nd one is better. it has a nicer headstock and better pickups.
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The H-400 would be the better choice here . It is generally accepted that ESP/LTDs have a big leap of construction quality from series 400 upwards.

1. The h-400 has a Mahogany body while the other has Agthis. Mahogany is a tonally better wood.

2. The H-400 has 24 frets compared to the H-101 22.

3. The H-400 has better pickups.

I haven't personally played those (comes in the territory of being a lefty :P) but spec-wise, the H-400 is better.
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Best thing to do is go and play on them, lol, people may say they're good, and even look good (but what that has to do with how good a guitar is i don't know), but it's all opinion!
I'd definitely pull out the extra 100 for the second one and get the second one. The darker finish looks better to me, but that's preference. The Seymour Duncans are going to sound much better than the stock pickups on the first one.

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Go for the LTD H-400. you get better pickups, set-neck, grover tuners & tune-o-matic bridge
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thanks for your replys, i guess i will have to save up then . my gut was telling me to get the H-400. Is there any difference between the width and size of the neck?

im used to U shaped necks