I have been playing bass for a year or so now, and I want to find some good instrumental bass songs to learn. If anyone has any suggestions for artists/bands and tabs i would be greatly appreciative. The styles I would like to learn are funk and jazz. Thanks again.

edit: I have a 5 string bass, if that helps any.
Well i'm not a bassist, but i'm mates with a very good bassist, and my music teacher is a bassist, and it gets mentioned a lot so here's a few that arn't very well known,but are amazing jazz/funk Bassists

Charles Mingus (Double bass, i know you don't play one but its good to watch, and try to adapt to and electric bass)
Jaco Pastorius - Just awsome
Les Claypool - Primus bassist, quite well known but i thought i'd just put him in there.
SquarePusher - Trippy Experimental Synth based stuff, however its all instrumental bass!.

But this is coming from a guitarist so...lol
Try Between The Buried and Me - Viridian , its a bass instrumental (solo)
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Victor wooten and Stu Hamm come to mind...
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Booker T and the MGs - Green Onions

This isn't from the genres you listed, but Explosions in the Sky would meet the instrumental criteria.
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Damn! Ben beat me to Jean Baudin.

But I'm going to give him another mention.

Jean Baudin.
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The fact that Art Metal has Mattias Eklund on it makes it doubly worth the checking out.

its a really great album

another good bass player Tony Levin - Album Resonator, Water Of Eden, Pieces Of The Sun
thanks for all the suggestions. I got a lot of work in front of me :-D. Thanks again and more is always appreciated.
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