Hi Ug ,

I want to know how I can save online movies from the internet on my pc so I can put them on my ipod.
I already know a link that put youtubevids in files so you can download them as a mp4.

But I need something that can do the same with online windows media player videos and such sort videos :


Can anyone help me how I can get this on my computer as a file ?

Thanks in advance!
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get DownloadHelper addon for FF. it'll get any stream you are watching or listening to and download it.
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You may not have to use any website/download anything.

If there is a direct link to the video you want you may:

1 Right-click the link
2 Save Target As
3 Choose the location you wish to save the file

But be sure that when you save the target that it is the right format (mpg, mp4, etc.)

This works with the RedvsBlue episodes on RoosterTeeth.
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Oh my priority is to get the movies on my computer as a file ! so i can play or watch them without starting internet
You can use realplayer to get videos that are on the internet as flash videos, like youtube and megavideo, etc.
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