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No, it's not worth making you even more ill
4 8%
Yes, DO IT.
45 92%
Voters: 49.
So I've had cold for the past 5 days, its starting to get better now, my nose is healing (was dry thanks to all the wiping), but my cough is still sort of there.

Tonight there is a massive barcrawl, i desperately want to go because I haven't been out for about a week and a half, but i'm afraid it'll make my cough worse. So Pit, should I go?

I have wednesday off, and a lecture at 1 o clock on thursday, plus when I go out I pretty much chain smoke. Oh and i've already paid £6 for it + all my flatmates are going, so i'd be home alone.

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The question is not whether to do it, but why aren't you out practising right now?
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youl get better when you need to
Go. I went out with a cold last week and i was feeling better by the time i even got back to my flat.
It's gonna be a blue day
Haha 14/1, looks like i'm going out.
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Have yourself some oranges or anything with Vitamin C, and when you go take some mints or anything if you start coughing. And try to lay off the smoke for tonight
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The cold isnt going to kill you! Alcohol poisoning might but who gives a ****...
Go out and have a good time!

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Do it! Everyone knows alchohol=medicine.
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You're exactly the kind of person who'd have sex in a bar drunk
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I never understood people who didn't do things because of colds, I've known people who skipped school because they've had the sniffles and it's odd, get up, go out, it's just a cold.

Why wouldn't you take the opportunity to skip school?

If I only have a few lessons that day and I felt like shit, I might not bother.

Anyway, go out. But try not to smoke too much, because that definitely won't help.
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go, jsut try not to drink cold drinks.thats a fuc king mistake

Me: ''Excuse me I would like a warm pint''

Bartender: '' Wtf mate?''

Vodka shots it is.
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Me: ''Excuse me I would like a flaming sambuca"

Bartender: ''Just let me get the fire''

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NEVER Sambucca again. Anyway i'm off out. Good night UG
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Man up and go out


This ws my exact thought. good call.

TS: Go.
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