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Ok Pit, a few friends and I were having a discussion about who we would want as a guitar teacher, living or dead. We want to see what all of you think.
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Slash or Paul Gilbert

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chris storey...or randy rhoads
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Luke Hoskins from Protest The Hero

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paul gilbert or john petrucci.
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jesus but with jimi hendrixes arms and Cristian Alvastam's head
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Claudio Sanchez!

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Buckethead or Paul Gilbert probably.
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jesus but with jimi hendrixes arms and Cristian Alvastam's head

never heard of Alvastam...
although I have guitarists im more of a fan of, I think Jack White would be a great teacher, and hes very diverse.
Johnny Marr.

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John Petrucci or Mark Knopfler

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David Gilmour.
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Satch, Gary Moore or James Hetfeild
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randy rhoads
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for my teacher id have john fruisciante, and someone who speaks former drug addict to translate to me

have you seen those youtube vids of him giving 'lessons'?

they are amazing to try and understand what is going on in his head.
Brian May or Satch.
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Fred Durst. He is truly inspirational.
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It would be a tie between Paul Gilbert, John Petrucci, Joe Satriani for their technical ability and music theory knowledge. Dave Mustaine, James Hetfield and Jeff Loomis for rythem because I like their style.
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I want to say Tony Ioomi but despite his awesomeness, I don't think he would be a great teacher. He's somewhat soft spoken and isn't very articulate.

I'll say Paul Gilbert. You just know he'd be an awesome guitar teacher.
Paul Gilbert
Michael Angelo Batio
Joe Satriani

And just because I admire his rhythm playing, James Hetfield

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