Can anyone post a tab for the song?
I think I got the chords but can't figure out entire song.
Intro: E-A-B7  E-A-E  (repeat)

Verse 1:

([B]E[/B])Teenage rebels rule OK ([B]E-A-B7[/B])
([B]E[/B])I'll be damned if I work all day ([B]E-A-E[/B])
([B]E[/B])I think that you look OK ([B]E-A-B7[/B])
([B]E[/B])I won't even look your way ([B]E-A-E[/B])
([B]E[/B])Teenage rebels out all night ([B]A-D-A[/B])
([B]E[/B])Teenage rebels drink and fight ([B]E-A-E[/B])
([B]B7[/B])Rockabilly rebels don't go to school ([B]B7[/B])
([B]E[/B])Teenage rebels rule,rule,rule,hey! ([B]E-A-B7[/B]) Hey! ([B]E-A-E[/B])
Hey! ([B]E-A-B7[/B]) Hey! ([B]E-A-E[/B])

repeat verse 1

Verse 2: (chords as for verse 1)

You look like somethin' that the cat dragged in
Yeah well you look like somethin' off a 'ssembly line
I think it's high time you paid some rent
I'd rather leave home and live in a tent
The Principal say you been cuttin' class
Well you can take that school and shove it up your ass! :-)
The music you're playing is way too loud
Oh, rock and roll is never too loud!

guitar solo:



b = bend
/ = slide up
\ = slide down
b-r = bend and release

repeat verse 1

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