I am new to this forum so my apologies if this topic has been discussed before. I am looking to add an overdrive pedal to my board that is flexible, does not color the sound, has a lot of headroom, has true by pass and cleans up well. The two that I have narrowed my search down to are the Hardwire CM-2 or the Xotic BB pre, the former being quite a bit cheaper.

I am kind of in analysis paralysis right now because both pedals sound good to me and I don't know which one to choose!! The Xotic seems to sound a bit more organic and warm to me, which is good, and the CM-2 looks cool. My setup is simple and consists of an American Fender Deluxe through an Epiphone Galaxie.

Any thoughts or advice on which pedal to choose would be greatly appreciated.
Perhaps it's because the Hardwire line is fairly new but is there anyone out there that has used these 2 pedals before?