I've been offered a 25 minute slot at an open Mic night. I have about 10-15 mins solid material and wanted to throw in a good cover or two. I'm a real big fan of The Smiths. Any tips for the open Mic night and any ideas for songs?

heres my myspace so you know what sound i have

pretty sure you can fill the rest of the time with jazz blues improv
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If you listen to music, you have to like more than 10-15 minutes of music. Just pick songs you like and play those.
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no song ideas but as far as open mics go,

know the crowd. if doing a cover, play something they'll know.

get there early, hang out wt other players. cheer for them and they'll return the favor.

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i like your sound man. you'll do just fine.

Personally my two big acoustic cover songs are 3am - matchbox 20 and slide - goo goo dolls (standard-tuning tab is on here) both are /w capo at 1st fret

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