I've been offered a 25 minute slot at an open Mic night. I have about 10-15 mins solid material and wanted to throw in a good cover or two. I'm a real big fan of The Smiths. Any tips for the open Mic night and any ideas for songs?

heres my myspace so you know what sound i have


Acoustic open mic btww
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Cool Cool, Is this an acoustic type of open mic or do they have a full set up for a band?

Smiths are cool.

I attend an acoustic open mic thursdays. My selection varies from originals to covers. It's nice to have covers to keep everyone in sync.
Lol, sorry I forgot to mention I go for the acoustic kinda thing, if you listen to my music you'lll hear that its acoustic
go for some two gallants
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Playing open mics is a great way to get started

I never do cover songs at open mics, the last time I did I was like 15 years old and not a single person payed attention to what I was playing
I'm not a big fan of The Smiths but I love the unaccompanied sound of the guitar part from There Is A Light That Never Goes Out. Maybe you could try playing that.

I'd also suggest getting together with someone who's a regular at the open mic night and playing a song or 2 together. That should help with your confidence and maybe make people pay a bit more attention to you.
Just thought I'd say, I'm 15 and have been in bands since I was 13 so I don't have a confidence issue, played some big gigs, played at Greenbelt Festival which Jose Gonzalez and Fightstar headlined