Hello out there people! I'm an old man of 43 years, haha, and I got a question! I am I too god damn old to play the guitar? I've always wanted to learn but other hobbies and obligations got in the way. Like for example, I'm a deep sea diver! Enough about that though!

Should I invest in a shiny new guitar, or am I too old to learn the damn thing? Haha! If it doesnt work out I can just give it to one of my kids!
You're never too old. If you want to learn the guitar, go for it.

Go round a few guitar shops and try a load of guitars out. Decide for yourself how much you want to spend on one.

i looked all over my guitar.... nowhere does it say "recommended for ages under 40" i also checked the box it came in and the only suggestion it had was "recommended for ages 2 and up" also the MPAA rating for it shows "rated G to MA-17 depending on user preference"

so i see no reason you can't start. if you have any underlying medical conditions that might inhibit you practice/playing ability (arthritis/tendonitis/carpal tunnel) you might want to do some things so that you don't end up hurting yourself, but thats just general medical stuff you'd want to do regardless of whether it was guitar, welding or fly fishing.
Never too old, I picked it up at 34. You can pick up a decent used guitar (prices vary) or a cheap starter guitar/amp for about $ 200.
Then get on here, and print print print your favorite songs. Try Powertabs too, it's free and is very helpful for a beginnner.
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Welcome Seamus! You are never too old. This is a great place to discuss guitar. I hope you stick around
a) Too old? Hell no! I'm 38, been playing since 21, and love the instrument more than ever. It makes all the worries of the world go away.
b) 43 is not old! What are you saying here?

Go for it and good luck with it!
go for it. its loads of fun. im glad i started when i was 16, but i wish i started years before. its easyer to learn when your younger. cause your brain is still developing and you pickup on things alot faster. but give it a shot and see if you like it.

i wouldnt suggest going around playing every guitar in a guitar shop tho. just because if your not sure how they work you might break one that cost so much. plus its very intimidating when you walk into a music store and see more experienced people in there and you start plucking smoke on the water.

i suggest getting a $200 starter kit. anything other than squire, maybe ibanez or epiphone.
When I started at 21, I feared that I'd missed the boat. I had a friend (my first teacher, actually) that was the same age that had started when he was 13, so he already had 8 years exp and was fairly good.
Ok, so years later I know that thinking is wrong. Why? Well, it's focusing on the end result. You never reach the end result, because you are always looking to improve no matter how good you become. The joy lies in the journey. That's the basic truth of it.
That said the first year or two is pretty hard work, and though there are rewards in seeing probably the fastest improvements you'll ever make, it is still difficult to play the instrument at that point. Past that, to me, the rewards are much greater, because you are still working hard to improve, but you have enough skill to really kick back and play and really enjoy the instrument.
Welcome to UG

43 is definitely not too old to play, one of the art teachers at my school is in his early sixties and still plays! playing guitar will be something you can do for the rest of your life.

stay with the basics for a while, it really helps to play along with your favorite simple songs until you get them perfect. it will be hard work but totally worth it when you can play whatever you want at will.
no way man, i started when i was 14, and i thought that was old, but then i realized that its never too old to start playing an instrument, and its not like a sport where u will eventually have to stop playing because of getting weaker and older, you can play till the day that you die. Dude, the Pittsburg steelers (former) coach started taking piano lessons, and he is way older than you, i would suggest probably not getting an amazing guitar right away, but get a good amp, and get a guitar that will at least last you a year or two so that you dont need to get a new guitar after a few months of playing, if you do that, you will overall save money, if you stick with it.
And then, when you decide that you love it (because I really can't imagine not loving something like the guitar), PRS makes the most beautiful, best sounding guitars that I've ever seen/heard. I just ordered one, and if you stick around I'll let ya know how they play.

But yeah, guitar is probably the most rewarding thing that I've ever done that just keeps giving back. I've done karate, I used to draw a lot, and work. Even though putting in a hard days work makes you feel really good, it's a necessity. Guitar is a hobby, and you can take it or leave it. But I've never wanted to leave it. I'd say take it up.
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I think arguably older is better, if only because you'll get more enjoyment out of it.

A lot of young guitarists seem obsessed with getting "good" but don't have the patience or attention span to actually get there. They get frustrated when they've had the thing for 6 months and can't play like Steve Vai. If you're older you tend to be far more likely to simply appreciate what you can do with the instrument as opposed to obsessing over the things you can't.
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Les Paul still does regular gigs at the age of 90; I see no reason why you couldn't start learning the guitar at 43

My dad is 44 and has just started learning the saxophone - just for fun. And, imo, he's getting along pretty damn well, which shows me if you're committed, age should never be a barrier.
No! You are not allowed to touch a guitar! NEVER!

Course you can start playing, in fact, you should already be heading down to the store and trying guitars out or going down to whichever of your friend's has a guitar and borrowing it. You might steal a lesson or two that way as well.
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It makes all the worries of the world go away.

Deep-Sea-Seamus, it does, it really does.
Too old???

Let me ask you something Seamus, does Johnny B Goode still sound spine-tinglingly, hair-stood-on-end awesome even in 2008..?

there's your answer mate, rock n roll cares not for your age, only for your spirit, so get down the music shop and make your first purchase dammit!


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It's never too old to start learning the guitar! Go go go!
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Congratulations, and good luck with it! Classical guitars sound beautiful, in my opinion, I just can't afford to buy anything right now
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i would say it would be better when your older as you will be able to call on life experiences to create music.
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Sweet. I learned on a classical guitar. It's still my favourite guitar to play and I sound better on that than on anything else.

Just remember you'll suck to start with - everyone does. But if you put in some time everyday you'll get there. Even ten minutes a day is better than an hour one day a week.

Good Luck.